Apple links

Links to mainly Apple-related stuff


Here are some links to the more interesting Apple-related websites that I go to…

Team Viewer
Click this link to download the Team Viewer application from the Team Viewer website This software enables me to assist you with your computer service.

Apple Consultants Network
The Apple Consultants Network is a group of Apple credentialed consultants and technicians who are available to assist. Yes, I am a member of this group but if I’m outside your business area, this site can help you locate an ACN member in your area!

Apple Inc.
Apple’s corporate website. Locate consultants, buy stuff & download free stuff too!

The Omni Group
The Omni Group (located in Seattle) produce some AWESOME software for flowcharting, project management and a range of other activities. I use their Omnigraffle (flowcharting) product and absolutely LOVE it!!! It’s Visio compatible also! Check ’em out!!!

ESET CyberSecurity is a highly respected company which consistently has high marks for their ability to detect and eradicate malware in both the Windows and Apple arenas. It is a subscription-based service. Personally, this is what I use on my Apple computers.

Sophos is also a very highly respected company as well. They supply anti-malware software to the corporate sector but they have a crackerjack Mac Anti-Virus product that is free! Gotta like that action!

ClamXAV is the Mac version of the famous ClamAV product. It is free and they probably wouldn’t complain if you tossed them a donation or two!

Kaspersky Labs
Kaspersky Labs supplies a very good anti-malware application for both Windows and Apple platforms. It is a subscription-based service.

McAfee is well-known in the anti-malware world. They supply products for both Windows and Apple platforms. They too are subscription-based.

Symantec (Norton)
Norton is another well-known supplier of anti-malware software for your Mac. They are also subscription-based.